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What is Nutriject?

We are a Local( Richmond Kentucky & Surrounding Area) Healthy Fit Food Meal Prep Company.
We have set out to help you change your Life by offering to prep up your Healthy Foods which will allow you to have more freedom to do the things you enjoy in life rather than taking 2-6 hours per week to prep foods.
* The number one reason most people fail with Diets & Proper Nutritonal intake is the fact that the prep time becomes too much to handle and interferes with all daily activities.
* Being parents, we know the importance of taking the time to spend with the family and we also know how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle in order to stay in good health to have the opportunity to live longer by being more active now which leads to greater Heart Health.

We want to allow you to place your order online or simply text us for more info on how to order or to place an order( 859-358-6761) .
* Simply choose from a drop down menu of Protein, Vegetables, Carbohydrates & Fruits. You select your portion sizes along with Your food choice.
Once you get your meals in to us , we will prep it up the next day and allow for pickup or in some cases Delivery to you.

Getting Healthy & Fit never got so easy.
Get Back Your Life!

After payment, when will my order be processed and when can I expect my meals?

All orders received by 6pm EST will be processed )the next business day in almost all instances but please check the home page banner for information that may state that processing will be done at a later time due to a high number of orders to be processed.
*Example: If you place an order on Sunday, we will process it( Prep it) on Monday, then it will be available for pickup Monday afternoon/ evening at 5pm  )
Pickups are from Monday-Thurs:5-530pm
* We can arrange for local delivery in some instances

Nutriject is closed on Friday so anyone desiring to have meals done by the weekend, the cutoff date for ordering is Wed at 6pm est.
Any meals that come in after that time will not be processed until the following Monday!

Do you deliver outside of your local area?

We deliver to Lexington Exit 104 every Tues at 5pm.
We wait around until 5:10 and if you aren't there, we move on.
We do take into consideration traffic but you must text us to let us know this is the issue.

Do you deliver locally?

We cannot or will not deliver to your home.

You can come by the building and pick your meals up between 5-530pm . We may email or text you sooner than 3pm to let you know the approximate time your meals will be finished.
RAC Gym will allow us to bring your meals there for pickup, please confirm that with them if you intend to want this process to be used.

Meals must be placed by 6pm est the day before you desire to have your meals. In some instances, please read the banner at the top of the home page, it may happen that our processing date is a little down the road due to high orders. 

What is the minimum order number?

2 meals minimum please.

How long are my meals good for after receiving?

We have your use by date listed on each individual tray.
Most meals are good for 5 days, if you have seasonings or BBQ Sauce, they act as a perservative so you have an additional day before needing to freeze your food.

Can my meals be delivered on Sat/Sunday?

No, We do not cook foods in advance so therefore if your order isn't in by Wed at 6pm, we can't process it until Monday. But we ask you always check the home page under the banner for pickup times, it's always subject to change based on the amount of orders received.

How do I heat my meals?

Thawed meals will be heated for 60-90 seconds or at your preference...
Frozen meals: They will need 2.5-3.5 mins of heat time, all depending on the quality of your microwave.

Can I customize Signature meals?

No, what you see is what you are ordering, some items have portion options but no food can be added or taken away from that particular order if not already offered.
* You can suggest or ask a seasoning be taken away or added to any signature meal. Simply do this in the comments section.


Is additional sodium added to my custom meal:

No, your custom meals have no additives or preservatives of any kind, other than what is in them naturally. These foods are all plain, fresh foods, however, if you have a desire for a seasoning we have on hand, just ask in the comments section and we'll be happy to add it.

Signature meals:
Sea Salt & Garlic in some cases.
Other Signature meals have labeled what is added, such as BBQ sauce


Do you use preservatives?

We do not intentilally add in a preservative, however, once we make the BBQ chicken, it's then classified as having a preservative.
Are additional salts etc added. Yes, in some cases, we add sea salt to meals, sometimes garlic.
Other signature meals list what comes on them.


I don’t know how to eat to get me healthy or to my goals, can NutriJect help me with this?

Yes, we can help you, we have designed meal plans, workout programs and gave assistance to those in need for the past 6 years.

Please visit us at fitnesspoynters.com.