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What is Nutriject?

We are based in Richmond, Kentucky

We are a Family who knows all about Fitness & what it takes to set & conquer Goals.
We have been in the Fitness world since 2009, the Owner ( Steve Poynter) & Co-Owner( Charlotte Quillen) have made drastic changes in life through Fitness.
* Nationally Qualified Competitors

What we do? We come up with some amazing Protein Pancakes & Puddings.

We know how hard it is to stay on point when you are on a "Diet" or after a certain goal so you must eat certain ways to reach your goals.
* Over the Years, we have came up with some amazing ways to get in our Protein needs!
 * Now it is time to share this Goodness with each of you!!!

How Do We Ship?
Each order is shipped in an insulated cooler , each order may be frozen upon receiving, we have to protect food items by using Dry ice and in some cases, Frozen Gel Packs

After payment, when will my order be processed and when can I expect my meals?

This info is listed on the home page as well as the checkout page upon ordering, Shipments go out 2 times per week, Monday & Wed.
It is not always guaranteed you will get your order the week you order, it may be the following Monday before yours is shipped, please see the Home page and Checkout page for this info!

Do you deliver outside of your local area?
Shipment sites are listed on our website:

Do you deliver locally?

We cannot or will not deliver to your home.

What is the minimum order number?

4 Protein pancakes must be ordered in order to ship to you.

How long are my meals good for after receiving?

We have your use by date listed on each individual tray.
As long as pancakes or puddings are kept frozen or in the fridge, the time you have to use is 7 days in the fridge and honestly, unlimited time if frozen.

Can my meals be delivered on Sat/Sunday?

No,  this is not possible as the delivery service will not deliver on these days( it isn't guaranteed by them)

How do I heat my meals?

Thawed pancakes will be heated for 12-20 seconds, it all depends on your microwave temp: The less time you heat, the less likely they are to dry out.
Frozen pancakes :  Heat time: 30-40 seconds and check it out, longer if needed.

Do you use preservatives?

We do not  add any preservative to the meals, though most protein powders have salt in them.

I don’t know how to eat to get me healthy or to my goals, can NutriJect help me with this?

Yes, we can help you, we have designed meal plans, workout programs and gave assistance to those in need for the past 6 years.

Please visit us at fitnesspoynters.com.