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 99% Lean ground turkey as an option for Turkey Delight . This is a bulk order which is a 40oz pan of Turkey Delight( meat only) no rice. You can buy rice in bulk as well.   ..
Want to save some time on meal prepping, this is what you need, this 60oz , 40oz or 20oz Bulk pan of our Popular BBQ Glazed Chicken Tenderloin.  * Chicken Tenderloin cooked to perfect and then glazed with some of the finest BBQ sauce around the..
Choose 20/40/60 oz of cooked Chicken breast, have it cooked up and packaged for you inside foil catering pans. All cooking will be done the same day you pick the order up, no foods will ever be frozen by us. You will have a use or freeze by date on..
Need some White Jasmine Rice cooked up and don't have the time to do it? Allow us to do what you need, simply place the order here, have it cooked and picked up in the afternoon or evening. We'll cook it up in a Rice Cooker and have it coming out r..
Don't want to prep up your Red Potato but you also dont' want it packaged up in a single serving meal? No problem, we have what you need: 40oz or 20oz options of Bulk order Red cooked potato: Potato will be cooked and cut into halves and quart..
Don't want to buy your Turkey Delight in single serving portions: Well here is a great deal for you. Get 60/40 or 20oz of Turkey Delight, minus the rice. Rice will need to be ordered on it's own. Mrs Dash, red pepper, green pepper. Suggested se..
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(Steak prices will vary every couple weeks, pricing moves up & down from the supplier each month) We have added Cap Sirloin Steak to our bulk order options. You have the ability to get 40 or 20oz cooked Sirloin Steak. All the steak we use ..
60/40 or 20oz of 90% Lean ground beef placed in a pan after we prep it. You would simply have to pull out your own portion sizes, Heat & Eat!! Seasoned with Sea Salt & Garlic ..
Bulk Order Asparagus Choose your Amount of bulk Asparagus. 15oz( 5 cups) 30oz(10 cups)   ..
If you like our Mark James BBQ , but you also like a little sweetness and some spice, you will really love what he has came out with in his new BBQ sauce called Sweet & Sassy. This is a great way to go if you don't want to order up or individu..
Bulk order sweet potato: No Skin unless you specify to leave it. The sweet potato comees in the pan as mashed potato. Options: We consider 1 cup of Sweet potato to be 200g or 40oz. Option 1: 40oz which is 6 cups sweet potato Option 2: 20oz&nbs..
* Simply state your choice in the comment section: The default will be Broccoli. Available Packages: Cooked weight: 15oz( 5 cups) 30oz( 10 cups)   ..