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Turkey Delight with Sweet Potato

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If you like our regular Turkey Delight with Jamsine rice but you also like sweet potatos, this could be just what you are looking for.
This healthy meal is amazing , the seasonings we use in the Turkey combined with the sweet potato is almost like having Sweet Potato chili, if you haven't had that, of course you arne't sure what I mean but trust me, it's incredible.

Spice it up with Ketchup, Hot sauce, Taco Sauce or any of your Favorite condiments.

2 serving Sizes:
Full: 8oz 93% lean ground turkey & 200g Smashed sweet potato
Half: 4oz Turkey & 100g sweet potato
* Macro count is based on a full portion size but only with 6oz turkey because to cook it up the way we do, we have to add a little water and we also add peppers so therefore, we'll say the meat source is 6oz in the full and 3oz in the large.

Calories based on full portion size: 390/ Carbs: 41g/ Protein: 36g/ Fat: 10g.

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